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NTPC – Tax Free Bonds

Rajesh Singla

How to invest in NTPC tax free bonds? HIGHLIGHTS OF TAX BENEFITS Interest from these Bonds do not form part of total income as per provisions of Section 10 (15) (iv) (h) of Income Tax Act, 1961 read along with Section 14A (1) of the Income Tax Act. Since the interest income ...


Why parents play spoilsport in Children financial planning?

Rajesh Singla

Why parents play spoilsport in Children financial planning? One of my old and best friend who have known me since I am born (We share the same birthday and year as well) who started his financial planning recently called me up and asked me if he could stop his investment in mutual ...

Borrowing Fear

How to save money in 20’s?

Rajesh Singla

How to save money in 20’s? This article is for the people in job still figuring out how and where to start saving money. Let us face it. Most of us don’t understand the nuisances or details on how, where we should save money.  The maximum most of us do understand is ...

Step by Step Guide

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Income Tax Slabs

Income Tax Slabs for 2015-16

Rajesh Singla

Chapter One: Step by step guide starts with discussing about tax saving slabs. Finance minister revise the income tax slabs with his own discretion while presenting budget for next year and this comes as biggest expectations of a common man. 87% of India’s population earns less than 5 lacs in a financial ...

mortgage, home buyers

4 Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Rajesh Singla

  Buying a house for the first time does not need to be a scary prospect. Sure, it is a big undertaking with a lot of financial responsibility to go along with it, but with a little time and preparation, anyone can be a homeowner.   Here are 4 tips for first ...

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