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Top Performing Mutual Funds in India in 2016

Rajesh Singla

SIPs in good mutual funds have generated excellent returns and created wealth for the investors. SIPs in mutual funds offer a simple and disciplined way to accumulate wealth over the long term. Mutual Funds SIP work pretty much like bank recurring deposits, except they generate superior risk adjusted returns compared to recurring deposits. ...

stocks to invest

Stocks to invest in 2016

Rajesh Singla

I have been doing research on past few days looking for new investment ideas mainly to chunk out the stocks whose growth has been muted in my portfolio for last 2-3 years and doesn’t looks like to get better in next couple of years. Stocks to invest in 2016 is picked on ...

Indigo – Should you invest, sell or hold?

Rajesh Singla

Indigo got listed on stock exchange on 10th Nov exactly a month back. Since then it has moved to and fro from listing price of 845 Rs. to 1170 Rs. to consolidate back to 1010 Rs. Most of the brokerages, newspapers came with a negative report on why they felt it is overpriced.  Market proved ...

Step by Step Guide

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Income Tax Slabs for 2015-16

Rajesh Singla

Chapter One: Step by step guide starts with discussing about tax saving slabs. Finance minister revise the income tax slabs with his own discretion while presenting budget for next year and this comes as biggest expectations of a common man. 87% of India’s population earns less than 5 lacs in a financial ...

4 Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Rajesh Singla

  Buying a house for the first time does not need to be a scary prospect. Sure, it is a big undertaking with a lot of financial responsibility to go along with it, but with a little time and preparation, anyone can be a homeowner.   Here are 4 tips for first ...

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