Step By Step Guide To Headlines

Income Tax Slabs for 2015-16

Rajesh Singla

Chapter One: Step by step guide starts with discussing about tax saving slabs. Finance minister revise the income tax slabs ...

4 Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Rajesh Singla

  Buying a house for the first time does not need to be a scary prospect. Sure, it is a ...

Tips on Trading on Quarterly Results

Kotak Securities

  It is common to see the stock prices rise or fall by a huge percentage after the roll out ...

How to check income tax refund status?

Rajesh Singla

Are you seeking a refund from the income tax department because your employer has deducted more income tax than calculated ...

A Guide to Derivatives

Kotak Securities

  Lesson 5: A Guide to Derivatives   The word ‘Derivatives’ brings into one’s mind the affluent investors taking high ...

Best Indicators for Technical Analysis

Rajesh Singla

Chapter 1: Technical Analysis When trading stocks with price action, it is important to confirm your trades with indicators in ...


Why you must start investing Now?

Rajesh Singla

  While savings (in the form of gold and bank deposits) has often been considered a norm, irrespective of the ...

How much interest Corporate FD’s yield?

Rajesh Singla

Corporate fixed deposits are similar to banking FD’s, except that the money invested is with a company and not a ...

Trade with Stockssavvy

Rajesh Singla

Want to trade in stocks/commodities but do not know where/how to start? Want to create portfolio by investing in stocks but do not understand which/when to pick? You quest is over now.

Income tax slabs for fiscal year 2012-13

Rajesh Singla

How Budget affected the common man? Did it bring more in the pocket of a common man? How Budget impacts you? Read on for the answers. Much awaited Budget 2012-13 have given a marginal benefit to common man by increasing the tax slab to 2 LA.

3 Most simple & crucial tips that all beginner investors must follow


Investing in the stock market has always been an exciting idea. It is the market which has given birth to legendary investors such as Warren Buffet or Wilbur Gross. Chances of earning income through stock investing are so high that so other asset class can match it. It has been proved that over the long run, equities market offer best investment on your investment. Like huge income earning opportunities, risks of investing in the stock market is also very high.

Comparison between PPF, NSC & Tax saving fixed deposits

Rajesh Singla

With December in, corporate employees are trying to figure out the ways for doing the tax saving as they have to show the proof that they have been doing tax saving.Let us have a comparison of Low risk PPF, NSC & Tax saving Fixed deposits which will yield the best return for a conservative investor

Applying for Rights Issue: Know your Rights

Rajesh Singla

What is common among,’ State Bank of Travancore’,’ JRG Securities’ and,’ Fame India Ltd’? Not sure! The answer is pretty simple. All these entities came out with,’ Rights Issue’ in 2011. The obvious question that comes to one’s mind is what is ,’ Rights Issue’ and what should an investor do when a company comes out with rights issue

Is this is a new beginning or beginning of an end for PPF & NSC?

Rajesh Singla

In order to attract more investors, Government has revised Interest rates on PPF, NSC & has scrapped agent’s commission. Small investors will directly benefit from this move. SEBI has burnt their hands by trying to pass the max. Benefits to investors & cutting the agents commission couple of years back. The question here arises. Is this is a new beginning or beginning of an end?

How to check your Employee Provident Fund Account?

Rajesh Singla

Do you know how much money you have in your Employee Provident Fund. Getting this information was really tedious earlier & lot of people never bothered to go through the pain to know their PF Amount money. But not anymore, now you can get your EPF details on your mobile phone by few clicks on EPF website.

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