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October 14, 2011   ·   0 Comments

Dear all of you! I am extremely delightful to share with the readers the first anniversary of the Website. For a lifetime, first year is very young, but www.stockssavvy.comlong enough for a website to experience and prove its everlastingness and stability. Today was the day when Stockssavvy moved from the blogging platform to become one of India’s leading website in Financial Planning, Stocks, and Mutual funds & Insurance. Stockssavvy is still in its fancy days & readers can expect more to come in coming months & years.

There are few accomplishments which we were able to reach in this one year.

  • Getting the website in shape where people can read & relate with ease.
  • Integrating social networking websites & readers to integrate to get all the update to readers in real time.
  • Keeping people updated what is important for them to know when it comes to money.
  • Offering them free service in financial planning & they can start their financial planning without thinking of cost barrier which is involved with financial planner.
  • Offering people to invest in mutual funds & insurance.
  • The biggest accomplishment we feel is that we are able to help people in taking their decision when it comes to financial planning as well as stocks.

We are targeting to integrate online buying of Mutual funds online through Website. I hope we will be able to integrate it on prior basis. Kindly let us know what else do you expect through our website?

I thank you again for all the encouragement throughout the way & hope for your companionship in years to come.

Rajesh Singla

Rajesh is the founder & CEO of Stockssavvy, Stocks analyst,financial advisor by choice,software engineer by fate,biker,gamer,cricket lover n enthusiastic person. He believes in doing things not just to get by but to get Ahead...

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