Will UPA leave people in 'Kolaveri D'

December 11, 2011   ·   0 Comments

Government had another set back today in Winter session when its purposed Insurance Bill & NIAI bill got rejected by the parliamentary panel.  Government has now set back on FDI on Insurance, Retail. With 8 sessions pending, Janlokpal Bill, FDI in Aviation, Companies Bill & 5 other major bills are pending in the cabinet.


A key parliamentary panel has dealt a series of setbacks to the government’s attempts to revive faltering economic reforms, saying it sees no merit in a proposal to allow 49% foreign investment in insurance companies while comprehensively rejecting a legislation intended to provide legal backing to the National Identification Authority of India, or NIAI.

Reports of standing committees are not binding on the cabinet, but in absence of a parliamentary majority, the Congress-led government will find it virtually impossible to get the insurance or NIAI legislation through Parliament in their original form.


















Will UPA be able to slog & will it be able to get pass few bills without getting vote out (run-out) seems unlikely? The govt. made the mistake of not taking the allies into confidence before presenting these bills made the chase tricky for them which has made strong the opposition in the form of parliamentary panel.

The show seems to be over for this session & most of the analysts, business tycoons & people of India will again be stranded in shock once again wondering when UPA will perform like Indian Batsman Virender Sehwag?

UPA government needs cool cucumber leader like Dhoni who can take make right choices at tough time, aggression like Virendar Sehwag & perseverance like Sachin Tendulkar if they want to gain back the trust of the people.

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