How to check your Employee Provident Fund Account?

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Do you know how much money you have in your Employee Provident Fund. Getting this information was really tedious earlier & lot of people www.stockssavvy.comnever bothered to go through the pain to know their PF Amount money. But not anymore, now you can get your EPF details on your mobile phone by few clicks on EPF website.

In order to know your PF account details, follow these simple steps:

1)      Open your any pay slip issued by your Employer. Your PF Account number is written on it. The format of PF account no is

Region Code/ Office Code / 7 digit Establishment Code / 3 digit Extension Number/ 7 Digit Account No.

e.g. MH/BAN/1234567/000/1234567

2)      Visit the site

3)      Click on Click here to know the Balance

4)      Select PF Office State

5)      Select the Office Code

6)       Put Establishment Code.  This should be a seven digit number. In case your establishment code doesn’t have 7 digits, simply add ‘zeroes’ prior to that number, for example 0001234.

The next field is for extension. Please ask your employer, if there is any extension. If not, you should put 000 (three zeroes)

And the last field is your PF account number. Similar to establishment code, this should be of 7 digits (if not, add ‘zeroes’ before your number).

7)      Put your EPF Name (Put the exact name written in Payslip)

8)      Give your Mobile No.

9)      Submit your request to know your status.

Your PF details will be sent to your mobile within few minutes.

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