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Lesson 1: Understanding

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There are few changes which has been implemented for the Tax Slabs.

Quick highlights from Budget 2011:

  • Base slab for general tax payers increased to 1.8 lakh from original 1.6 lakh
  • Senior citizen age reduced to 60 years from last years 65 years. Senior citizen now include people between 60 and 80 years. Also increased the base slab for senior citizen to 2.5 lakh from previous years 2.4 lakh
  • A new category called “Very Senior citizen” added for people above 80 years

The new and revised income tax slabs and rates applicable for the financial year (FY) 2011-12 are mentioned be Rlow:

Income tax slab for FY 11-12
New for Resident Senior Citizens (FY 2011-12)
S. No. Income Range Tax percentage
1 Up to Rs 2,50,000 No tax / exempt
2 2,50,001 to 5,00,000 10%
3 5,00,001 to 8,00,000 20%
4 Above 8,00,000 30%
Income Tax Slabs for ay 11-12 for Resident Women (below 65 years) (FY 2011-12)
1 Up to Rs 1,90,000 No tax / exempt
2 1,90,001 to 5,00,000 10%
3 5,00,001 to 8,00,00 20%
4 Above 8,00,000 30%
New Income Tax Slabs for FY 11-12 Others & Men (FY 2011-12)
1 Up to Rs 1,80,000 No tax / exempt
2 1,80,001 to 5,00,000 10%
3 5,00,001 to 8,00,000 20%
4 Above 8,00,000 30%
New Income Tax Slabs for FY 11-12 Very Senior Citizen (FY 2011-12)
1 Up to Rs 5,00,000 No tax / exempt
3 5,00,001 to 8,00,000 20%
4 Above 8,00,000 30%

For normal category the simple calculation is as follows

  • Taxable Income in 10% slab maximum tax will be Rs  32000
  • Taxable Income in 20% slab maximum tax will be Rs  34000 + Rs 60000 total Rs 94000
  • Taxable Income in 30% slab minimum tax will be Rs  94000

Education and other cess will be in addition to this


This Means if a man is earning 1.8 Lac Rs in a year then he doesn’t need to pay a Single Rs. as Income Tax. Similarly, slabs for Women & Senior citizens can be referred from the table.

Now how one can Calculate his Income Tax? What if he is earning more? One can certainly prevent from paying more Income Tax. Just continue to read through these  Lessons. In the Next Few Chapters, we shall learn how to calculate Income Tax & about Tax Saving. I will like to know how many of you understand your Salary Slip?  The First Foremost Step for saving Income Tax is to Understand Your Salary Pay Slip. Read it through the Next Chapter to understand what it is!!!

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