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People send us their appreciation letter and testimonials. We call them their . Here are few which we would like to share with our readers. 

http://stockssavvy.comSuprita Sharma


Age: 23 Years

Location: Bangalore

Network Administrator, CISCO Systems



I always had inertia towards understanding the financial terminologies and Income tax return. I always used to think that investments are not my cup of tea.  I never knew about financial planning until my father asked me to buy a LIC policy for tax saving. LIC agent told me a plan for Jeevan Anand and being curious, I happened to come across the Rajesh blog which was a real eye opener for me.


I sent an email asking for what investment should I go with my money? After exchange of couple of mails, rather than telling me a plan, he asked me to come on a Skype call on Weekend where he asked me to write about my expenses, financial goals and mapped  investments and insurance according. After the call, not only I knew where I am investing but also why and how much these money will be after certain tenure period of time.


I was way too impressed with the call. By the end of the call, he gave me some documents and to do list in which I had to get Xerox of few Identity card etc.  Next day he asked me to come for another skype call where he helped me in filling the forms. The process happened over a weekend and I couriered him the documents on Monday. Before next weekends, my insurance and investments were up and running.


Not only I was able to start my financial planning but also the best part was I met a friend in Rajesh who not only guided me in my financial planning but also charged me nothing for the services. He is there to make a change in the system where he wants people to get rid of fake policies and understand their money in better way.  Thanks a ton for all the mentorship and guidance to Rajesh. I feel he is the best financial planner i have ever came across. 


 SandeepSandeep Aggarwal


Age: 26 Years

Location: New Delhi



I happened to know Rajesh Singla from 2007 when he used to guide people on their investments and insurance plans. Frankly he advised quite a number of occasions and even though I always listened to him,  I never took action.

Last 3 years, he used to tell me the same principal that it is the best time to accumulate as markets are down. In the last one and half year, Sensex rose from 15k odd levels to 20k levels. It is when I realized that I have missed on an opportunity, which I was not able to cache in even though Rajesh advised me so.


Immediately, I called Rajesh. We sat together on weekend and he did my investments after understanding my needs, income tax savings and gave me a healthy risk cover in the form of insurance. 

It was the best decision I feel I have made in last one year. I wish I would have understood the meaning of starting early a little earlier. But all that in place, it is better to be lil late than never.

I again thank Rajesh for being such a helping hand for getting my finances in place and making me have a disciplined approach to investing now. 


PradeepPradeep Galotia


Age: 30 Years

Location: Pune

Area Sales Manager, HUL


I happened to met Rajesh through a website forum where I have enquired about a mutual fund but had lil idea how mutual fund works. Though I never got a reply from the website experts, I got a genuine reply from Rajesh.

I looked on to his website with curiosity to find out he has deep understanding of finance. After my initial exchange of mails, we sat down for a meeting on weekend over Internet. After few minutes, I did realize that all my investments (almost 1 Lac) were inclined towards insurance policies. He educated me on different aspects of investing. One genuine thing, which I could never, forgot on the call was when he asked me when do you want to buy a car and which one? Frankly I always dreamt have buying a car but never thought of when and which. That was the first instance this question hit me.


After the call, not only I was able to re=structure my portfolio with the help of Rajesh but also get adequate amount of exposure of Equity: Debt Ratio. The concept of balancing was also explained to me by Rajesh 😉 

I called this weekend meeting call as call of my life. Not only it made me realize about my dreams but also gave me a pave towards working towards it. 


PriyankaPriyanka Chatterjee


Age: 27 Years

Location: Kolkata

Home maker


As a home maker, I managed my home expenses but had little idea on investments. My husband was never able to find enough time to get proper investments. I always wanted to learn about investment and get my husband hard earned money in the right

I happened to came across Step by step guide of stockssavvy written by Rajesh where he has gone about investments from the very basic. This gave me lot of knowledge on investments and insurance products. With the help of Rajesh, I started my family financial planning almost 2 years back.


Many myths as regards to money were busted ,and I had a more clear picture as to my perception about money, its importance, its value. The importance of discipline in Money management was understood.

Whenever I am able to save that lil extra, I know where to invest in from the regular updates, which I usually get from Rajesh over emails. We sit on a call once in a year to review my family financial planning and update it for any changes that are required. Thanks for taking care of people like us who can’t afford heavy fees of financial planners.


Arun Arun Mehra


Age: 60 Years

Location: Chandigarh

Retired Captain, Indian Army

I am retired Captain residing in Chandigarh. I would like to thank Rajesh for your wonderful efforts in doing wealth management for me.

After my retirement, I had lil idea on where to put my huge retirement corpus. The tax bracket on interest of fixed deposits were road blocker for me due to which I was looking for better avenues when I happened to came across your website.

You not only help me structured my wealth, but also made sure that I get additional pension from my life time savings. With your efforts I was able to invest in proper funds without taking too much risk and I am able to enjoy my retirement with a bigger smile on my face.

Thanks for bringing such a holistic approach towards Wealth Management. I wish my time had such enthusiastic guys like you who have a passion to help and work towards their glory without taking any shortcuts.


Ankush JainAnkush Jain


Age: 29 Years

Location:  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Management Consultant ,NRI

I was looking for investing avenues when I happened to came across Stockssavvy website. I contacted Rajesh through the website.

I was really impressed with the knowledge and professionalism Rajesh expressed. I called him over phone on the weekend at a suitable timing and discussed about my interest towards investments. He made me understood lot of financial jargons and was able to get my financial planning in place with in no time.  Frankly I was having money to invest in but did not have the knowledge where to invest it.


Rajesh helped me defined my goals to “Wealth Generation” & that’s  perhaps my single best learning from him. He was able to set up  another portfolio for me for wealth management.

I sincerely thank Rajesh Singla for the guidance and the help to improve my financial life. I wholeheartedly recommend Stockssavvy services to anyone genuinely interested in making smarter financial decisions.


Rajesh Singla

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