Why Did Mitali Mukherjee changed her Hairstyle?

February 17, 2011   ·   13 Comments

www.stockssavvy.comMitali Mukherjee has been with CNBC-TV18 for 5 years. She leads the market coverage for the channel as News Editor, Markets. Mitali co anchors the prime time show Morning Call. She also anchors Business Lunch and India Market Wrap, a show that tracks the crucial closing hour of trade everyday. In the evening, she co anchors Markets Today a show that focuses on the stock market action of the day and analyses the outlook for markets and also anchors and produces CNBC-TV18’s weekend show Classroom, aimed at increasing investor awareness about equity markets. Mitali holds a gold medal from Delhi University in Political Science. She is also a gold medalist from the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, in Television Journalism. 

She is the Only Anchor from India to Feature in Top 25 Hot Female Anchors till today where she was Ranked 18th.

What do you Think about New Hairstyle? Where she is supporting a Tom Boyish HairCut Style. Her New Her Style do looks make her Looks Younger & is a refreshing Change but How Can ONE Forget about the Straight Forward Long Hair which Makes her Looks Ethnic & make her Desirable for Every Guy Watching CNBC.

Here is 2 Looks which she has Supported over the Years.



What do you Think about Her New Hairstyle. Which One do you Like More? Or What will actually Suits her the Most? Tell us & May be She opts to Check here  before going to Salon Next time.

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  • Rajesh


  • sid

    It looks someone has given her a wrong totally wrong sugeestion .If possible get back ur original hairstyle.

  • Rajesh

    Can’t agree more Sid.

  • Ripon

    Mitali was hot & beautiful in LONG HAIR. Don’t like her recent hair cut 🙁

  • scott

    what is that? this haircut doesnt suit mitali. her sexy look dissapear just after that haircut. now she is not desirablle at all

  • Rajesh

    Interesting Point here is till now nobody actually liked her new Hair Cut…:)

  • Bambodaj.Josh

    I really liked her haircut, isn’t very simple n easy to maintain?? Moreover in past when she started Anchoring with Headlines Today she had short hair always. Its only recently she had been growing her hair.

    I feel most of the ppl do not accept women with short hair so they always critise if a female decides to go short.

    I like Mitali’s Attitude on getting this haircut as well coz after growing your hair for soo long its a rare gut in this female to go short coz most of women cant do it.

  • nitin

    she looks stunning , why indian people always oppose short hair cut i dont understand

  • Hemanta

    She still looks good, but not as stunning as she was with her long hair.

  • jay

    mitali ,u look so cute in short hair..i think u should have to go for dfrnt short haircut styles..doesnt matter wht other r thinking ,i know u can and one day u ‘ll bcm style icon..
    very nice haircut…very cute…keep smile 4ever.

  • Rajesh

    We are witnessing much more readers who like her in new short haircut style than earlier. Seems like they have start accepting her in the new look…

  • vengad

    She is going the maria bartiromo way of CNBC-US, who sports a similar hairstyle, only much earlier .

    another example of brown skin follwoing white skin…


  • U looks too sexy in the short hair. And when ever u wont to go saloon plz take suggestion from us and v’ll tell u which kind of cut is make u sexy

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