One Tenth of World’s Population is on Facebook

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One Tenth World’s Population is on Facebook

www.stockssavvy.comWorld Population is estimated at 7 Billion People. In January,2011 Facebook had 600 Million Active Users. Facebook was valued at 50 Billion $ in January. In just 2 Months, the present Valuation is estimated at 65 Billion $.  This shows the Pace at which it is growing.

Investment firm General Atlantic is investing in Facebook, valuing the leading social network at $65 billion, representing a 30 percent boost from its last big investment in January

A Staggering Stat here to observe is that every 10th person on the planet is on Facebook. 2 Billion Question arises from here?

How much more people can actually join Facebook or to rephrase how much Growth can be anticipated for the company? The company which is still not listed on any exchange? How much room it left for Investors if later in this year we actually have an IPO for facebook?

Will there be a day when Facebook will become a Universal ID for the World? Or Can this is possible after a child is born, he will be given a Facebook account straight away?

With this, let us look another Interesting Stat.

Mark Zukerburg owns 23% of the Facebook which means his current Worth is not less than 14.95 Billion $. A self made man who has not only turned into a Billionaire  in 7 years  setting many World records of being the youngest Billionaire  but now he is insights of being the World 10 Richest Person in the World.

Mukesh Ambani, Richest Indian & the 3rd Wealthiest person in the World, is 27 Billion $ worth. Mark has already surpassed Anil Ambani who is about 13.5 Billion $ Worth. Do you think Mark will feature in Forbes 10 Richest Person list in 2012?

Time should unravel these Questions

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