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January 17, 2012   ·   4 Comments

Gold, like no other metal, has a fascinating history and a special place in the world.  For thousands of years it has been used as an ornament of kings, a currency and standard for global currencies, and more recently, in a wide range of electronic devices and medical applications.

Throughout history gold has been a store of value. According to the Talmud you should keep one-third of your assets each in land, ‘business interests’, and gold. This idea has a modern equivalent in the Permanent Portfolio theory which prescribes a mix of 25% each of Treasury bills, long bonds, stocks and gold. Most pension funds invest only in equities and bonds, with small allocations to property and cash. However, in recent years concerns have grown over the risks inherent in these asset classes, leading to increased interest in gold by hedge funds.

Here is some very rare data which we want to share with the readers. This is the :

Let us look how the price of gold behaved in terms of Dollars in the last 40 years:



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  • Anonymous

    Hi Rajesh,

    Awesome stats man. Think you would have taken lot of effort to make this presentable.

    Can you please explain why there is a spike around 1979 in terms for 2011 USD? If my understanding is correct , was gold price higher in 1979 than what it is trading now?


  • Vivek Sharma

    Hi Srinath,

    It is very obvious that you haven’t asked with an intention to acquire knowledge.The language of the question is full of satire. However, since you run smart investment blog and I feel the need to make you smart, let me tell you that the price in the diagram above is inflation adjusted based on Consumer Price Index (CPI) of US. The price of 1979 is shown high because of inflation adjustment. The price has been after factoring inflation.

    The price of gold went up high in 1979 because of high inflation, strong oil prices , Soviet intervention in Afghanistan as well as the impact of the Iranian revolution. This prompted investors to buy gold as safe investment

  • Anonymous

    @Vivek & Srinath,

    Thanks for the reply.. 🙂

  • Gold price is going to go down once the interest rates in US start to go up. It’s going to fall below $1000

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