How is Apollo Munich Optima Restore Health Insurance policy?

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Apollo Munich has introduced a new insurance policy – Apollo Munich Optima Restore , first of its kind, unique Restore benefit that automatically http://stockssavvy.comreinstates the basic sum insured in case you exhaust it in a policy year. Sure it sounds too good to be true but here is how it works: If you use up your coverage in an individual policy and fall ill with another illness, it will restore the entire sum insured for you to use, at no extra charge.

What set the plan apart from other plans are its two unique benefits.

The Restore Benefit

The restore benefit is an innovative benefit in health insurance. It aims to reinstate the basic sum assured of the policy holder, in case it has been exhausted during the policy year. For example, let us say you have a policy with a sum assured of Rs. 3 lakh and the entire amount is claimed by way of some illness or hospitalization. In such a case, Apollo Munich restores the Rs. 3 lakh sum assured, and this could be used for some other illness or for other members of the family(in case of a floater plan).

The Multiplier Benefit:

Almost all health insurance providers offer a No Claim Bonus (NCB) for claim free policy years. Optima Restore offers the same benefit but with a difference. For the first claim free year the NCB is 50% of the basic sum assured. If the second year also goes claim free, the basic sum assured gets doubled. So, by the third policy year your sum assured stands doubled, if you have had claim free policy years.


Policy Features :


The policy comes with a cover amount between Rs. 3, 00,000 to Rs. 15,00,000; a policy term between 1 year till 2 years; and entry age from 91 days till 65 years of age.

Policy types:

Two types of policies are available- Individual and Family Floater. The family floater covers the individual, his spouse, dependent children and dependent parents.

Tax benefits:

Premiums paid up to Rs. 15,000 for individuals and Rs. 20,000 for senior citizens is allowed as a deduction under section 80D of the Income Tax Act.


There is no restriction and renewals are permitted for life time.

Discount: A discount of 10% is available if you buy an individual plan for 2 or more members. For a 2 year plan, you could avail an additional discount of 7.5%.

Premium of Optima Restore

The premiums in Apollo Munich Optima Restore are slightly higher compared to standard variant of their Easy Health Plan. But the unique feature justifies the increase. As compared to other companies, Apollo Munich has maintained a competitive edge on premium rates. Example: Family Size 2 Adults (age 35 years) + 1 Child (age 5 years) – Sum Assured 3 Lakh (floater)

  • Apollo Munich Easy Health – Rs 6370
  • Apollo Munich Optima Restore – Rs 8281

Premium in Optima Restore is higher by 30% in comparison to Easy Health.


Pros & Cons of the Policy:


Cashless treatment across 4000 hospitals across 800 cities in India Pregnancy is not covered
Extended benefits covering 60 days pre and 180 days post hospitalization Pre-existing disease is covered after 3 years waiting period
Day care events, domiciliary treatment Dental treatment
In-patient treatment, organ contributor Specific diseases like cataract, hernia has a 2 year waiting period
Emergency ambulance up to Rs. 2,000 Psychiatric conditions, mental disorders, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and obesity-related treatments
No sub-limits on room rent Cosmetic, plastic or experimental surgery
Surgical equipment’s, for any specific disease and for anesthesia charges General weakness, convalescence, rest cure, long-term nursing care, rehabilitation etc
Cost of medicines, drugs and consumables Cost of contact lenses, spectacles, hearing aids, wigs, diabetic test strips and similar products
Diagnostic procedures like X-ray, CT Scan, and MRI Scan Involvement in military, air force, naval operations
Dangerous sports like racing, diving, hand-gliding, parachuting, scuba-diving, rock-climbing etc
  Abuse of drugs, alcohol, hallucinogens, intoxicant
  HIV, AIDS and related diseases
  Congenital diseases



Should you buy Apollo Munich Optima Restore?

The policy could be renewed for lifetime and policy holders could continue the same plan without switching over to new policies. And with the wide coverage across hospitals and cities, Optima Restore is a value for money health insurance plan and is definitely worth a buy.

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