IRDA launches new website for customers

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In a bid to better educate buyers about insurance, the (IRDA) has launched a which will provide valuable information about various aspects of insurance. Will IRDA new make any difference?“The objective of having an exclusive information portal is to educate consumers about insurance in particular, regarding buying insurance, making a claim etc. The website is an attempt to reach out to all to give certain basic generic information on the subjects in order that consumers begin to think and seek answer to questions such as what they need to buy, whether they are being offered the right product,” said J , chairman of IRDA in a circular.

The portal – – will educate consumers both existing as well as prospective insurance buyers about different types of insurance products and guide them regarding what they need to buy and whether the products that are being offered to them are suited to their needs.

Currently in English, the portal will soon feature all the information in Hindi and other languages as well. The Website forms a part of IRDA’s ‘Bima Bemisaal’ initiative aimed at creating awareness about insurance.

This is the second website from IRDA for the same purpose. Last year in May,2011 , they launched Integrated Grievance Management System (IGMS).  –

IGMS is also a comprehensive solution which not only has the ability to provide a centralized and online access to the policyholder but also complete access and control to IRDA for monitoring grievance disposal by insurance companies. IGMS also enables detailed analysis that would help identify issues of concern for the policyholder. IGMS will have the ability to classify different complaint types based on pre-defined rules.

With all these initiatives taken by  IRDA, end consumers should definitely benefit from these websites. The only concern here is how much awareness will be able to bring to the customers. The strategy to promote it to customers is missing from the IRDA. Having good motive is one thing and getting the benefits delivered to the customers is another.

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