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Do you know when is next date for you to pay the premium of your policy? Do you know how much bonus amount you have got so far? Are you not www.stockssavvy.comclear on your policy terms? Not to worry now. Realizing power of mobile phone, Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) of India has introduced a new SMS service to provide basic policy details to its customers via SMS. This free service has been offered for the convenience to LIC Policy holders. However it is limited for some specific policy details only but details can be gathered easily by sending an SMS to 56677.

There are 2 formats with which policy holder can retrieve the information

1)      If the LIC Policy is Non Pension Policy, the format is:


PREMIUM means the installment premium under your policy

REVIVAL means revival amount payable in case of lapsed policy

BONUS means the total amount of Bonus vested till date

LOAN means the amount of loan available on your policy

NOM means details of nomination as per the policy documents.

e.g. Let the policy Number be: 123456789, the format will be

ASKLIC 123456789 PREMIUM, ASKLIC 123456789 NOM

& Send it to 56767

2)      If LIC Policy is Pension Policy, the format is:


STAT means integrated product policy (IPP) status

ECDUE means Existence Certificate Due

ANNPD means Last Annuity Released Date

PDTHRU means Annuity Payment thru (CHQ/ECS/NEFT)

AMOUNT means annuity amount

CHQRET means Cheque Return Information

e.g. Let the policy Number be: 123456789, the format will be

ASKLIC 123456789 AMOUNT, ASKLIC 123456789 STAT

& Send it 56767

This move from LIC will bring them closer to their customers. Time when other insurance companies are finding it difficult to survive & getting new customers, this additional service will surely bring lot of smile on the face of the customers. Having said that, LIC should have brought Maturity amount/ Probable Maturity Amount as a parameter for at least Endowment Policy/Money Back Policies where customer could know the real returns of his policy.

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