Risk free high interest FD for NRI

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Federal Bank is offering high interest rate FD where you can get 10% non taxable return without taking any risk. This gives answer to the question which most of the NRO’s have with them all the time.


Where should invest in India?

Risk involved in bank FD is less when compared to fixed deposit with corporate FD or NCD’s. This has made it an ideal investment for NRI (Non-resident Indian). 

If you are a NRI  looking to park your money in an asset class where you don’t want to take risk ans want safe returns then Federal Bank NRE fixed deposit is for you. Though mutual funds and stocks if invested may generate return more than 10% depending on market conditions, there is no harm in accepting 10% assured return from a reliable bank like Federal Bank.

Federal Bank is offering 10% return to NRIs on NRE account. All you have to do is to open an account for a period of 1000 days. Since NRE accounts are not subject to taxation, the return generated on NRE account will be totally tax free in the hands of depositor of the money. This is better than returns offered on deposits of resident Indian on PPF. The details of the deposit are as follow:


If you are NRI or resident of India, let us know in the form of comments, where are you investing your money right now?

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