Bluechip Stocks outperform Sensex in last 5 years

December 9, 2011   ·   0 Comments

In the last 20 years, blue chip stocks have outperformed the Sensex by 7-10 per cent compounded and with half the risk. Sensex has shown growth of 17% on year on year basis since inception. India is one country where blue chips are available across segments and growing unlike in other developed countries. The opportunity to make money with lot less risk is very high.

www.stockssavvy.comIndia’s leading brokerage firm Motilal Oswal has come out with its 16th Annual Wealth Creation Study (2006-2011). The study was focussed on blue chip investing. Everybody aspires to own blue chips but portfolios are typically not loaded with such stocks. It’s believed that blue chips are boring and will not give returns. However, they are the fountains of dividend and offer as much if not more than other equities.

Here is the Analysis of the Study:

– Reliance Industries

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