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Do you know what stocks Amitabh Bachan hold? When everyone is running away from the stock markets anticipating low levels, he is steadily buying stocks. Amitabh Bachchan has invested in small and mid-sized companies as well when it comes to stock market purchases, and is sitting on losses on some of his recent investments.

www.stockssavvy.comAs per the data available with the Bombay Stock Exchange, Bachchan holds stakes between 1-3 per cent in at least three listed companies — Neuland Laboratories, Birla Pacific Medspa and Fineotex Chemical.  The total market value of Neuland Labs stands at about Rs 40 crore, while that of Birla Pacific Medspa and Fineotex are Rs 122 crore and Rs 100 crore respectively.

Out of these, he has been holding Neuland shares since the last quarter of 2010, while he has purchased shares of the other two companies in the past four months. A broker said that the filmstar might have invested in shares of large companies as well, but those holdings could be below one per cent, and therefore, have not been disclosed by stock exchanges.

The listed companies are required to disclose their shareholders having one per cent or above stake at the end of every quarter. The latest purchase, as per data available with the BSE, was of 80,000 Fineotex shares for about Rs 1.2 crore on November 17. Prior to that, he also purchased 90,000 and 1,10,000 shares of the same company on November 14 and November 15, respectively.

Interestingly, Amitabh Bachchan has put a lot of his money in stocks. Out of a total net worth of Rs.177 crores, Amitabh Bachchan has a whopping Rs. 122 crores (69%) in stocks. Talk about being a concentrated investor!

Sadly, while Amitabh Bachchan must have been raking in the big bucks with his old stock picks, the new stock picks haven’t yet set the cash registers ringing. Fineotex Chemicals has slumped to a low of Rs. 92 while Birla Pacific Medspa is close to its IPO price. Amitabh Bachchan has also lost heavily in Reliance Power. He bought the shares of Reliance Power at the time of the IPO for Rs. 430 per share (the price would be lower owing to the bonus) and that is currently languishing at Rs. 90 with no buyers in sight.

ET also reported that Amitabh Bachchan has investments in most Sensex stocks and other midcap companies. He apparently prefers stocks in the education, media & entertainment, FMCG and healthcare sectors because these have the most potential. We are sure one of his big holdings must be IPCA Laboratories, owned by his brother Ajitabh Bachan. IPCA Laboratories is now on the Buy list of most brokerages owing to its steady and stellar performance.

In 2007 boom, Amitabh bachchan sold all his holding & according to an estimate he made a whooping 10 times of his investment which he made over a time in 2000 – 2003.  Amitabh has really shown that he is not only perfect husband, father & actor but also a perfect investor & businessman.

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  • prakash patel

    Looking to the current market movement and globle money market who is earning money from the stock /mutual fund since last 20 months and i rally do not see any improvement in this situation as govt is not in a position to take the fast and effective steps to boost-up the reform policy due to political calculation rather then economic calculation.

    A normal man has lost his faith in the market .
    Would you suggest where to invest money to receive/achive 15% annual growth?
    waiting for your suggasation.

    prakash patel(9426517702)

  • Anonymous

    Hi Prakash,

    This is nice point which you have made..Who is making money in this turmoil..Most are on the loosing side than on the gaining side.

    I will like to bring to your notice the time of the 2008 year end after recession..Retail was out of the market & was concentrating on getting the Fixed deposit keeping their money safe when Interest rate was at the peak & one could get the fixed deposit at 11%. Nobody wanted to put their money in stocks as markets were tumbling on daily basis. If some one would have put their money at that point they could have doubled in less than 1.5 years.

    Similarly, Today we are close to that time when interest rate is peaking. This should be the darkest end of the road before we start seeing hope. One who will put their money in systematic way in this dip will benefit the max. The people who will keep on waiting on Nifty to hit 4000 n blah blah will always keep on waiting. These people will never put their money even if Nifty comes to that level as then they will wait for their next level of Nifty to hit before they enter the market.

    One should be atleast 60-70% invested at these levels. For achieving the annual growth of 15%, one should start investing in a diversified equity mutual fund with keeping investment horizon of 5 years or more through Systematic Investment plan. They could even get more than even 20% return in the next 5 years.

    Rajesh Singla

  • Prakash Patel

    Dear Rajesh
    That is true to someway .Here point of discussion is that even to-day also many stock prices are at par or lower then 2008 level.As an individual ,it is not possible to have a scientific research of the company’s future performance and hense he is depended on commercial news chennels/print medis and so called experts.At the end of the day a investor is made fool.
    It is extremly difficult to find out a honest financial /investor advisior at resonable value.
    Even mutual fund houses has a highly regarded CEO/COO with fully equipped modern offices/staff/ others…then also since 22months are not able to generae wealth .
    During last 10 years,mf industry has earned appx 17% DUE to cyclic rotation of peak to bottom and again at peak.Shell be belive that,minimun horizen shoud be atleast 7 years to gain from the mf investment.In that case any of the blue chip company is more preferable to invest in the same sip mode.
    pl. suggest us your comment.if,this is true then pl.suggest few stock on the base of p/e ratio,valuation,market cap,current managent,dividend history,future capital innestment,future earning projection etc,..
    Also,will it possible to have a list of the compnies paying dividends since last 10/15 years .This may be safe bet in a voilate market.
    prakash patelo9426517702)

  • Anonymous

    I will try to have some posts on Dividend History & other stuff in coming days which should be ideal in these tough times to pick.

    As an advisor, i recommend retail people to invest in mutual funds though SIP. It needs a professional effort to achieve returns in market when done directly, Most of the people doesn’t have the required knowledge or time. For a common investor, first thing is to secure their future(retirement planning) & their children future(Children study) which can be achieved beautifully through mutual funds.

    Once a person is safe with his financial goals, then i advise them to accumulate stocks. Right now, few stocks which i feel has a huge potential at current levels are
    Large Cap Stocks: Reliance, HDFC & HDFC Bank
    Mid cap Stocks: Muthoot Finance, ARSS Infra, IL&FS Trans

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