Which is the best looking Sonia Shenoy?

December 10, 2011   ·   3 Comments

After running the contest between the Sonia Shenoy , Mitali Mukherjee & Shereen Bhan for who is the best looking reporter on CNBC, it is time to declare the winner. Sonia shenoy has won it quite remarkably. She has become a reason that  why everyone should watch business channel in HD! 

It is time to again have some fun. This time we have come with 14 different rare pictures of Beauty Queen Sonia Shenoy.This time it is Sonia Vs Sonia. Readers need to vote which is the best looking Pic of her & tell us why?

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  • Gizmobhai.com

    well i am an eternal fan of Mitali Mukherjee and really miss her presence nowadays on CNBC 18

  • Avinash Jadhav

    I really love Sonia Shenoy

  • JRCH

    A thing of beauty is joy for ever. That’s what Sonia Shenoy is. May God bless her with more of the same.

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