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November 18, 2010   ·   1 Comments

Ganesh Wrote:

Dear Rajesh,

I am following your blog for quite sometime. You are giving very nice updates which is quite good for the beginer inverstor like me. I have one question which is very important for more people like me in this point.

What is the tax problem that we will foresee when we apply for 2 lacs in retail category. We know that IT people will scrutinize when the investment amount exceeds 1 lac. Some people are telling that the final amount that is being invested is accounted that is the amount for which the allotment is done. Could you please very detailed information on this tax issue in your blog? So that it would be very useful for most of the people.


Hi Ganesh,

It is really nice to learn that you have been a follower of the Blog. The Website serves only one purpose to inform more & more people of getting awared of getting Trapped…Be it Stockmarkets by Operators Play or it may be a Financial Advisor Mis selling his policies.The only advice be to Read each & every Post which i post over here. WWhatever i post, i can assure you that is Relevant & Connected with Stock Markets.  I am going to Bring lot more Info On Mutual Funds, Tax Saving Techniques & Insurance in as soon as possible. Every Transaction more than 50k needs a PAN Card. Moreover It gets informed to Income Tax People about the Transaction. But Nothing to Worry as far as Indian IPO’s are concerned because Govt has increased the Limits to 2 Lac Rs. in the form of SEBI. Buying/Selling of shares are usually in Volumes & generally Exceed 50k Mark. Hence, These Transactions passes away very easily. Speciallly if you fill ITR, Then just need not worry on anything..

Rajesh Singla

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  • hemant raje

    in chittargorah lot of counfusion is there about the ipo of hindustan cooper ,moil is to close on 1 dec and hindustan copper is to open on 3 dec ,are the dates going to clash so that people cannot appy in both ipo or after refund of moil only hindustan coper will open

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