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Kshitij Patil wrote

Hello sir!
I’m a 20 year old third year engineering student.I won Rs.50,000/- in an event recently and I want to make the most of it by investing it appropriately.If I’m to go about it,what would be the best way and which company’s share should I invest it all in?

P.S.:I’m looking to be someone as hugely successful as you.Your guidance would be highly appreciated sir!

Stockssavvy View:

Hi Khitij,
Thanks for entailing your trust. First of all, Congratulations on your Winning  an event.It is good to see that people at young age are keen to make the most of their Hard earned money.
Right now there are 2 Stocks which i feel can be taken for your investment. First is Reliance & Second is HDFC Bank. I have been advising people to add position in both the stocks from 5200 Levels of Nifty. Reliance may have underperformed in last 1 Year. But the Stock is trading at much cheaper valuation than it deserves to be due to non clarity on Gas production levels. The main idea here is to invest in a Firm with such a strong management who understand their Business well. Recently, Mukesh Ambani had made a deal with BP for their Technology advancement. I am pretty sure soon the Company will be able to resolve this issue. In the next 5-7 Years, I see Outperforming the Nifty & will give excellent returns. Remember, in Last 5 Year, Stock has gone to 7 times of its value. You can also consider putting the money through Mutual Fund such as HDFC Top 200 if you feel uncomfortable by watching the volatility of the Stock price but remember to invest this money in a Staggered way by starting a SIP of about 2,500 Rs which will ensure that you beat the market Volatility.Let me know once you decide which suits you Risk Profile.

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