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http://stockssavvy.comThis Page gives you Step by Step Guide To Your Financial Planning,Income Tax Techniques, Mutual Funds, Insurance, Stocks, Trading Techniques, Investment Techniques. Everything will be given in the form of Lessons. From Now on You Don’t Need a Financial Planner to take Decisions for your Money after reading this Content. Read through a Lesson, Do whatever you want to do & Come back when you get time to continue your reading.

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Lesson 1: Why Financial Planning?
Lesson 2: Power of Regular Savings – Part 1
Lesson 3: Power of Regular Savings – Part 2

Tax Saving:

Lesson 1: Income Tax Slabs

Lesson 2: Understanding Your Pay Slip

Lesson 3: How to Calculate Income Tax

Lesson 4: Tax Saving Techniques

Lesson 5: How to File Income Tax

Mutual Funds

Lesson 1: What & Why Mutual Funds?

Lesson 2: Different Kinds of Mutual Funds

Lesson 3: Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)

Lesson 4: Tax Saving Mutual Funds(ELSS Schemes) & Top 10 Best Perorfming ELSS Funds

Lesson 5: Balanced Mutual Fund

Lesson 6: Debt Mutual Fund

Lesson 7: Fixed Maturity Plans

Lesson 8: Which is the best performing mutual fund?


Lesson 1: Life Insurance – Why &  How Much?

Lesson 2: Insurance & Types

Lesson 3: Term Insurance

Lesson 4: Endowment Policy

Lesson 5: Guarantee Money Back Policy

Lesson 6: ULIPS

Lesson 7: Hard Facts about New Ulips

Lesson 8: Pension Plans or Retirement Plans

Lesson 9: Child Insurance Plans

Lesson 10: Which Life Insurance should I Pick?

Lesson 11: Health Insurance

Lesson 12: Home Insurance

Lesson 13: Auto Insurance

Lesson 14: Mortgage Insurance

Lesson 15: Comparison between PPF vs LIC Jeevan Anand

Lesson 16: LIC – Retire & Enjoy plan


Lesson 1: Things one must know before taking a Home Loan

Lesson 2: Advantages of a pre-approved home loan

Lesson 3: Things to consider before buying a home
Lesson 4: Essential things to check before buying Home


Lesson 1: Why Stock Markets?


Chapter 1: How to invest in Gold?

Chapter 2: What are the returns offered by Gold in Long term?

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